An extensive background as a high-end illustrator, graphic designer, and typographer enables Chelsea to communicate exceptionally well with clients in order to arrive at creative solutions together. She pays meticulous attention to detail and prefers investing extra time into a project when warranted to achieve a better result. She began retraining for a career in tattooing in early 2005, undertaking a rigorous two-and-a-half year apprenticeship at the widely-respected Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis.

Born in New Orleans, Chelsea was raised in Germany until the age of 15. There she studied art and design through the ages and across cultures; she is adept at researching and designing tattoos that convey various historic and other influences accurately and respectfully.

She often adapts client-supplied images to be suitable for replication in tattooing, including copying handwriting specimens found in signatures or manuscripts and using innovative techniques to simulate various artistic media, including watercolor or engraving, in a tattoo-friendly format.

Each client's project has its own set of requirements, and Chelsea thoroughly loves meeting each unique challenge (as well as meeting each unique client).

Geniale Dilletanten exhibit
Schmidt Artists' Lofts, St. Paul, Nov 2018.

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